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Adventure awaits... 

The Sac County Conservation Board (SCCB) manages nearly 900 acres of parks, wildlife areas, and recreational trails throughout Sac County. Many recreational opportunities await you in these areas, ranging from biking the scenic Sauk Rail Trail to walking the wooded trails of Hagge Park, to hunting deer or pheasants at Whitetail Woods or any of our other wildlife areas. Sac County Conservation Board manages three parks, Hagge, Grant, and Reiff, for camping. There is also plenty of opportunity for bird watching, canoeing, fishing, and more! 


Check out the Environmental Education page to learn about the different educational programs done through out the year. These programs are designed to increase awareness and enjoyment of the county’s natural resources. The environmental education program is active throughout the year, presenting at the local libraries, schools, civic groups and clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, and to the general public. 

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